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GLOCOM “back numbers” some selected articles

Two or three times each year GLOCOM publishes a collection of research papers, opinion pieces, interviews and meeting reports produced by GLOCOM staff, fellows and friends in a periodical known in Japanese as “GLOCOM Chijo”. Beginning with the next issue in early November 2008 we will translate selected articles into English. To give a flavor of the type of work being published, we have taken eight articles dating from March 2006 and they are available in PDF format below. The works range from discussion about the popular and notorious Japanese P2P file sharing software, Winny, to interviews with two of Japan’s leading game developers and evaluation of Japan’s gaming market, a review of SNS in Japan, and two papers about the Japanese software industry. Clarifying the Original Goals of Winny Technology (PDF) A report of a presentation by Winny developer Isamu Kaneko, at GLOCOM on January 28, 2006. Kaneko described how he developed Winny and discussed issues for the future of P2P software. Report by Satoshi Hamano, GLOCOM Researcher. The Engineering Mind of Winny (PDF) Comments by GLOCOM Research Fellow Shinji Yamane following Kaneko’s presentation. At the time Kaneko spoke he was facing allegations of conspiracy to commit copyright violation, Yamane’s commentary notes problems Kaneko’s case raises for software developers. Content Business and Games (PDF) Interview with Masakazu Kubo, leading game developer and one of the forces behind the Pokémon games and TV series. Interview from the December 2006/January 2007 issue by Akito Inoue (GLOCOM Research Fellow) and Saori Morita (GLOCOM Senior Research Fellow). History of Game Technology and Design: From the Dawn of Video Games to the Mobile Age (PDF) Interview with Masanobu Endo, one of Japan’s best known game developers, titles such as Xevious and The Tower of Druaga, and successful game company executive. Interview from the December 2006/January 2007 issue by Akito Inoue (GLOCOM Research Fellow) and Saori Morita (GLOCOM Senior Research Fellow). Devolution of the Game Market: from single leader to many strong competitors (PDF) Article discussing the evolution of Japan’s gaming market from the Family Computer of the mid 1980s to Playstation and Wii. By GLOCOM Research Fellow Akito Inoue from the December 2006/January 2007 issue. Regional Social Networking Services (SNS) – The Current Situation and the Future Potential (PDF) A review of SNS phenomenon in Japan, noting the development of regional SNS as an important feature of the Japanese experience. By GLOCOM Research Fellow Masahiko Shoji from the February/March 2007 issue. History of the Software Industry (PDF) A paper by Kaoru Sunada, GLOCOM Senior Research Fellow, looking at the history of the software industry, focusing on Japan, noting that the industry is at period of significant change that may bring opportunities for the Japanese sector. From the October/November 2007 issue. The Competitiveness of Japan’s Software Industry – Summary of the Current Situation (PDF) Tatsuo Tanaka, Associate Professor at Keio University’s Faculty of Economics and GLOCOM Executive Research Fellow discusses the Japanese software industry’s lack of international competitiveness and provides and explanation as to how the situation came about. From the October/November 2007 issue.