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Google Policy Fellowship at GLOCOM


Center for Global Communications (GLOCOM), International University of Japan is pleased to announce it will host a Google Policy Fellow between May 2012 and March 2013.

Google Policy Fellowship program started in the U.S. in 2008, and fellows have since been hosted by institutions in Canada, Hong Kong, India, and Australia. The Google Policy Fellowship at GLOCOM will be the first time as fellowship has been made available for students in Japan. The program provides mentorship in research and/or practice for students, fellows, at research institutions and public interest groups in ICT policy area. A fellow is required to produce a work, such as an academic paper as output from their fellowship. A salary of 7,500 USD-equivalent will be provided.

Center for Global Communications (GLOCOM), International University of Japan, is a non-profit research institute specialized in ICT policy and information society issues. Established 1991, GLOCOM has been active for over 20 years.

We are looking forward to receiving applications from undergraduate and graduate students with a passionate interest in Japan’s ICT policy.

An applicant must
  • - be a student at a college, university, or a graduate school based in Japan for the academic year of 2012
  • - be able to secure time necessary to conduct research (equivalent of 10 weeks, 40 hours per week)
  • - be able to sign a limited-term employment contract with GLOCOM
  • - be able to visit GLOCOM as necessary, and communicate with mentor(s) to conduct research
Number of Fellowship Post:
Application Deadline:
May 8 (Tuesday) 23:59
Fellowship Period:
GLOCOM: 10-week equivalent from May 28, 2012 to March 10, 2013. (The actual schedule would be determined according to schedule constraints of the applicant and mentor(s))
Important Dates:
May 8 Application Due
Early to Mid-May Application materials reviewed
Late May Interview
May 28 Final decision and notification
Earliest day fellowship could begin
March 10, 2013 Final day for fellowship completion
Application Materials
Please attach the following files to your email application for the fellowship.
  • 1) Completed entry form [Download entry form]
  • 2) Resume (No designated format; Photo is not required)
  • 3) List of Works (No designated format; should be comprehensive in covering your academic and professional experiences and achievements)
  • 4) Research Proposal (Title/Outline of the proposed research, purpose and significance, methodology, your relevant knowledge, skills, and achievements in conducting the research. Research schedule and expected product (published paper, presentation at a conference, report, etc.) [Download sample form]
  • 5) Sample of your research work (if there is any paper or other work relevant to the proposed research, please provide a copy)
  • - Please prepare these files in a commonly used file format such as Word, Excel, or PDF.
  • - Please note that in the review process, we will reproduce the files we receive from you
  • - Send your application packet to:

More Details


Fellows can be undergraduate or a graduate student. You could be in any year in the school, even scheduled to graduate, so as long as you have a feasible research plan. In addition, we do not limit applications to any specific department or specialization.

We will consider your year in school when we review your academic and other achievements: undergraduates are not necessarily disadvantaged compared to graduate students. For those who are in doctoral programs, we expect a higher quality research proposal and richer knowledge, skills, and achievements.

Research Topics

ICT policy is an interdisciplinary research area, and GLOCOM is a research institute with interdisciplinary approaches. We believe that even an undergraduate applicant could make a feasible and significant research proposal if she is creative in defining the subject and method.

GLOCOM researchers have expertise on following subjects, among others: open government, open data, Internet governance, and digital copyright.


One or more researchers at GLOCOM will serve as a mentor for the fellow. The mentor will evaluate fellow’s progress and report to Google.

Specific ways of mentoring will be determined by mentor(s) and fellow. Please be reminded that due to the constraints in expertise, resources, and schedule of mentor(s), we might ask you if your research proposal or its schedule could be amended.

Mentors will not receive any compensation from Google.

An applicant is NOT required to secure a mentor prior to submitting an application. If you would like specific member of GLOCOM staff to act as mentor, please indicate this in your application and we will take the request into consideration, and help the best candidate to have good mentors.

Permission from your Advisor

We do not require that obtain prior consent or recommendation from your academic advisor. However, we recommend you to be careful – becoming a fellow against the wishes of your advisor might affect your academic achievement and/or career.

In order to prevent unexpected trouble, and help your successful fellowship we will contact advisors of successful candidates during or after the application review process and try to get his understanding about the value of your research at GLOCOM.

Form of your Work

In principle, we expect you to come to GLOCOM to work on your fellowship research. The details of this arrangement will be agreed between you and your mentor(s). However, we expect your to spend a good portion of your fellowship time at GLOCOM and if you are unable to make this commitment your application is more likely to be deemed unsuccessful.

Period of your Activities

Typically, we expect a fellow to allocate around 400 hours (10 weeks equivalent with 40 hour/week), making use of your summer and winter vacations.

We at GLOCOM may grant you a more flexible schedule arrangement, such as allocating a day (approximately 8 hours in the office) per week during your semester. Whether such scheduling is possible may depend on your course schedule, which at the time of the application may not be completely clear. Please plan your schedule suggestions with this uncertainty in mind.

Form of Employment

You will be signing an employment contract with GLOCOM as your host institution.

Treatment of the Outcome

As the host institution, GLOCOM will have the final say in deciding how to publish the final outcome of the fellow’s research, and when. Neither Google nor GLOCOM will require intellectual properties in the work to be transferred, or to belong originally, them. All intellectual property rights will remain those of the fellow.

Project Assignment and Other Opportunities at GLOCOM

GLOCOM may assign you to work on some project that is relevant to your research, providing you with practical research opportunities and training.

GLOCOM will provide fellows with the opportunity to meet with people in industry, government, and civic sectors, as well as academia, who are related to your research. You are also invited to attend GLOCOM’s workshops if they meet your interest.

Academic Credit

We cannot guarantee that your fellowship will be recognized as your intern or research project credit at your school. However, we are willing to provide reasonable level of assistance such as evaluating your activity and reporting to your school. Please indicate in your application if you need any assistance from us in this regard.

Further Inquiries

Please contact us at:

- GLOCOM i-Platform (Miyazaki) tel:03-5411-6677