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GLOCOM launches “Blockchain Economics Research Lab”

GLOCOM launches Blockchain Economics Research Lab (BERL) in the institute in order to promote the research on the social and economic impact of utilizing Blockchain technology.

Blockchain has emerged as a platform technology to enable bitcoin, providing the features such as collecting and chaining transactions from past to present, and maintaining the system by peer to peer network. Whereas Blockchain technology is creating a new channel of economic transaction by the form of crypto currency such as bitcoin, it is possible to be applied to a wide range of information management, such as managing ledger and verifying information. Thus, Blockchain is expected to create numerous innovative services.

It is possible that Blockchain affects various social systems from payments, ledger management, Internet of Things, and organizational management. Each of those applications would have the significant impact on the function of economic system and output of the whole economy. Considering the possible impacts, the newly established Blockchain Economics Research Lab collects and provides information on the knowledge on the topics and promotes the research on the economic and social impacts of Blockchain technology.

Key Activities
Conducting research seminars
Providing information on the topic
Conducting Proof of Concepts, etc.

Soichiro Takagi, Associate Professor and Senior Research Fellow, GLOCOM, International University of Japan

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