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“We research on the front lines of the advance of information society”

The Center for Global Communications (GLOCOM), of the International University of Japan (IUJ), was established as an affiliated research institute of the IUJ in 1991.
Since our establishment, GLOCOM has been maintaining the focus on interdisciplinary Japanese studies with the research into the issues of information society based on the development and dissemination of Information-Communication Technology (ICT) at the center of our activities. We constantly aim at being a leading institute examining new social trends, acting as an intellectual hub for industry, government, academia and civilian organizations.

Director’s Message

GLOCOM was established in 1991 with strong support from both the business community and the public sector.

The specialty of GLOCOM is the fact that it has promoted future-oriented research and practice based on the reality of socioeconomic needs as a node of industry, government, academia and civilian organizations.

Especially since the latter half of the 1990s, we have conducted research aimed at finding solutions to various problems thrown up by the advent and growth of the Internet in society and have promoted educational activities to further sound development of new technologies. We are continuing to focus our research on analyzing and understanding the structural and essential changes brought about by rapid advances in ICT.

In addition to research on the utilization of information such as open/big data and the impact of new technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) etc., on the socioeconomic side, we have recently been trying to further expand our research areas. These activities include involvement in new themes such as research on innovation creation methods of platform strategies and the designs of dialogue mechanisms and also research on global social change of the aging society, Internet flaming, and disparity generation theory, etc.

As an advanced research institute in the discipline of social science, GLOCOM will conduct its research activities in a flexible form within the community and with a wide range of stakeholders.

Thank you for your continuous support.

Ryoichi MatsuyamaExecutive Director,
Ryoichi Matsuyama


As a pioneer of information society research, GLOCOM has been pursuing future-oriented research and practice based on the reality of society and economics.

In the modern era where diversity and complexity are increasing rapidly, various structures, businesses and paradigms will change every moment.

We will continue to be an early adopter of new change and to be an advanced research institute spinning the future of people and society to lead the social innovation.

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Center for Global Communications, International University of Japan

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