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GLOCOM’s research areas

Research focus areas for FY2017

GLOCOM of the International University of Japan conducts research based on the three focus points of a technology-driven society, an innovation-creating society, and global social changes as it explores how the knowledge and information society will cause us to evolve.

  • Technology-driven society research

    The accelerating pace of technological innovation has various effects on areas ranging from our daily life to business. We promote research on how changes in technologies will affect our society and what kind of technologies we can use to resolve social issues from both the perspectives of technology and society.

    • Research on creativity for the coevolution of artificial intelligence and data science
    • Research on the blockchain and new economic systems
    • Research on flexible working styles not constrained by time or location and productivity
    • Research on business strategy and policy based on quantitative analysis
  • Research on an innovation-creating society

    Innovation that creates new value is becoming more and more important as existing businesses become saturated and it becomes difficult to predict the future due to dramatic changes in our current era. We conduct practical research on how mechanisms that create innovation are changing and what kind of approach is required to promote innovation at companies and in society.

    • Research on smart cities utilizing big data and personal data
    • Business strategy research based on the keywords of free, platforms, and sharing
    • Research on the digitalization of education from the perspective of the learner
    • Research on dialogue methods and creating forums for dialogue to promote innovation
  • Research on global social changes

    We are entering a new phase of economic interactions on a global scale that includes fluctuations in the center of the global economy, increasing disparities in developed countries, and concerns over technology leading to unemployment. We seek to gain an integrated understanding of changes and interactions on various levels ranging from international trade and regional economies to organizational forms and values as we deepen our understanding of new global social vision and explore ways of resolving the issues.

    • Research on resonance and flame wars social media society
    • Research on powerful regional leaders who drive regional economies and regional digitalization
    • New international relations research on the decentralization of economic activity and globalization
    • Research on sustainable society achieved through artificial intelligence