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My research is focused on “culture.” With the progress in informatization of society, the states of politics and economy have changed. In my opinion, the culture surrounding people has also really changed. This is the starting point of my research.

I have tackled some issues about the cultural phenomena of information society, especially both in the urban and internet space. For example, how do the Japanese subcultures such as anime and manga develop in both urban and internet space and how do the contents uploaded to social media like YouTube and Instagram affect the behaviors such as consumption and tourism of the people living in the actual space.

Research Fellow

Ph.D. in Media and Governance

Research Areas

Cultural Sociology, Theories of the Information Society, Contents Tourism, Subculture, Community Development through Culture

Major Works

・Kikuchi, Eiki, 2019, “Cosplay Tourism : Focus on Universality of landscapes,” Takeshi Okamoto eds., Contents Tourism Studies revised and updated: Anime, manga, games, and tourism, culture, society, Tokyo: Fukumura shuppan, 186-187.
・Kikuchi, Eiki and Shizuka, Masanori, 2017, “Machi-Cos" as a Contents Tourism Phenomenon : From a Case Study of "We Love Cosplay in Miyashiro 2016," Contents tourism review 4: 24-34.
・Kikuchi, Eiki, 2015, “Otakunisation in Odaiba : Focus on Accumulation of Cultural Devices,” Bulletin of Society for Changing Customs in Contemporary Japan (16): 96-107.