Center for Global Communications, International University of Japan

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Researcher for considering the way of Information Industry, utilization of Information and Telecommunications technology(ICT), and the way of Governmental Information-Communication policy.
Inside of Glocom ; Reconstitution of Energy Industry that the ICT plays a critical role in the Energy Industry and participates to the discussion regarding Smart Society which is coming out the scene in near future.
Outside of Glocom ; Doing practical activities concretely.

As a President of MM Research Institute Ltd., which is the expert research firm linkage of ICT, researching of movements of Cloud or Smart terminal.
Implementation of reconstruction for Information industry as a Chairman of Japan Software Partnership Association which is the national organization of Software small and medium sized enterprise (SME).
Making guide line for promotion of Internal foundation of data center which is based on Cloud.
Besides, established Japan Personal Information Conservation Association and have started working for complete privacy policy which is very important due to installation of My-Number as Board Chairperson of Japan Personal Information Conservation Association.

Actual Achievement of Regional Development:
Active working as a leader of various ICT projects which is the important pillar of structural for industrial development in Okinawa Prefecture.

Executive Research Fellow/ Professor