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I have rather unique background. After I studied geology at the university, I joined governmental research organization (PNC) to explore uranium ore deposit. Itochu Corp. invited me to involve the similar exploration opportunity in Australia, dispatching me to an exploration company in Darwin to promote it as the only Japanese staff. Mineral & energy projects are mostly done at developing countries like Asia, Latin America and Middle East to where I was frequently sent without feeling “the Limit to Growth”, but only hoping safe and healthy return to home. In 1985 when Japanese Telecom Business Law was deregulated, my job was suddenly changed into high-tech field; finding totally new IT investment opportunities; my new job is to introduce latest technology from US and Europe to Japan, or to promote newly established venture business in the field. Thus my business environment and human networks changed almost every five years intervals. But during this period, my concern of 1) energy issue, 2) ICT utilization and 3) being global has been unchanged. This is also required for Japan, i.e., importing necessary natural resources from overseas, then exporting them in the form of value-added products and services keeping good position of reliable trading nation. This is the unchanged function of Japanese valued-add supply chain network in the global society. Global communication often requires tough negotiation, harsh debate, unwilling compromise; all these need mental perseverance. My continued publishing in bilingual or hopefully trilingual HP is a kind of training or preparation for future possible communications. (

Executive Research Fellow