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Masahiko SHOJI

Photo: Takafumi Matsumura

In order to tackle the growing complexities of challenges faced by our society, we need to take full advantage of all the resources available, including people, goods, money, and knowledge. And towards finding solutions, one of the most important questions is we face is how should we communicate and collaborate with each other.

I am interested in the management and governance of local communities and cities. My research is related to e-government, open data, social media, and social innovations. I investigate and analyze how governments, corporations, and civil society organizations relate to each other to overcome social issues. I am learning much from the historical knowledge accumulated in communities and from cases of various communities of the world from Asia, Europe and the U.S.

In addition, I have been combining research with practical activities. I am taking a leadership role in “Open Knowledge” Japan Initiative to support the Japanese government’s open data policy, and I am also a director of the “Movement for Internet Active Users” forum to represent the interests of internet users.

Executive Research Fellow / Associate Professor

Research Areas

E-Government, Open Data, Open Government, Information Society, Public Policy


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