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Shihoko AOKI

My core research question revolves around the issue of how we are to find new ways to create a future participatory society building on and taking advantage of a range of inputs.

I have set up opportunities where diverse perspectives from industry, the government, academia, and the NPO/NGO voluntary sector can participate in such discussions. Now, as a researcher, I try to analyze these resources and create more vivid and fruitful conversations.

In the present age when the flow and share of an enormous amount of information creates change and dissonance, and values and opinions can diversity and fracture, it has never been more important that individuals understand not only how to express themselves, but also to contribute to society.

My challenge is to facilitate the creation of a space where the ideas of “perception”, “feeling”, and “desire” can can be structured and utilized positively for the benefit of society.

Senior Research Fellow (Platform Research Group)