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My core research topic is a quantitative empirical research to solve new management and policy issues in the information society.

In recent years, new business models and services have been born one after another as a result of society informatization. For example, marginal cost of network services is minimum, so the freemium model, provided free of charge, but money is charged for proprietary features or virtual goods, is adopted by many services as a new business model. However, intellectual property infringement, flaming, and internet addiction, many things have become social problems.

We tend to use theory study methods and case study methods in order to seek solutions of such as new management and policy issues in many cases. However, if we make predictions and analyses without empirical methods, there are some possibility of leading to different solutions from the really ones needed in a society. For these reasons, my major research topic is a quantitative research the management and policy issues for empirical analysis.

In addition, I believe that it is important for academic study not only a precise scientific method but also a contribution to society. In a rapidly changing society, I am sure to study state-of-the-art research topics.

Research Fellow/ Assistant Professor