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Soichiro TAKAGI

The area of my expertise is information economics, in which I'm exploring how information technology is affecting our society and economy. I'm analyzing the impact of information technology from mainly economics perspective, using various methods from organizational economics to econometrics. My research topics ranges widely from offshore outsourcing, cloud computing, to open innovation. The results of the research are published in various academic journals.

I also conduct collaborative projects with practitioners to help them generate new products and services, and also draw policy implications so that the society can cope with the development of technology.

In the past I have conducted the studies on offshore outsourcing, cloud computing, open data, mass collaboration, and so on. Currently my interest is in open innovation, crowdsourcing, sharing economy, artificial intelligence, block chain, etc. I was awarded "Emerging research award" from The Society of Socio-informatics (Japan) in 2015.

Executive Research Fellow/ Associate Professor