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My core research topics are a data analytics, a correlation analytics, media theory, and Kansei database. Especially, I focus on the method of a value creation of collaboration on the viewpoint of my core research topics.

Currently, the word "Big data" is widely watched. Are big data a buzzword? No, I place the issue of Big data as basic technologies for connecting next generation. The Most of natural scientists begin to advocate the new concept “data centric science.” In the conventional natural science, the scientists built up the hypothesis first, and he/she was solving by conducting data collection and analysis in order to verify the hypothesis. Data center science is solved only by analysis of a lot of data without any hypothesis. This is the same as the essence of Big data. This is an important paradigm shift.

It is ready for obtaining and processing massive data set such as sensor device and computing environment which has enough computation power for processing. The one of the important issues is how to analyze such data without any hypothesis. I propose the one of the solution – “correlation analytics.” The correlation analytics is the one of the data analytics methods which relatively compares data sets each other. I construct a new data analytics engineering field for Big data era. Furthermore, I provide efficient solutions for decision making of corporate strategy and business process design.

It is also important to design the ICT system, including the real-world such as consideration of the person’s roles and computer roles. When big data utilization technology improves, the real world and the cyber-world are connected seamlessly. It relates to IOT (Internet of Things), M2M (Machine to Machine), and Personal Fabrication. In my opinion, these are the one of the applications of the core techniques for Big data analytics. I research them on the viewpoint of the core techniques for Big data analytics, media theory and Kansei database.

Senior Research Fellow/ Associate Professor