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Tomihiko AZUMA

Data had been valuable resources that were only available to limited people. However, the data environment has changed greatly in the last decade. Now, there are huge amount of data around us. Many people are living in the so-called "4D" environment, which is consist of big data, open data, personal data, and small (deep) data.

The amount of data now available is far beyond the amount that can be processed by people. Information society changed to Data society, "Data Native" and "Generation of Things" has appeared. In this data explosion environment, it has become more difficult every year for people to live without being controlled by data.

I do not want a society controlled by data. We must aim a society in which people can properly manage and use data to improve our lives. What is "Smart Data Society" utilizing human mind? How will consumers, companies and governments change in that society?

Executive Research Fellow