[News Release] GLOCOM Launches Research Project #GLOCOM30th to Commemorate 30th Anniversary

The Center for Global Communications, International University of Japan (GLOCOM) was founded on July 9, 1991, at the dawn of the Internet age. In the 30 years since then, digital technology has developed by connecting people and things together, data and algorithms have become the common infrastructure that supports society, and our lives have evolved to become more convenient and comfortable.

Global society is also undergoing a major transformation, and each “individual” is gaining new power, and people are connecting and acting based on emotions and values. At the same time, these evolutions have brought to light the distortions and limitations of the current social system, shaking the traditional values of freedom and affluence, and trust in democracy and capitalism, casting a dark shadow over those of us living in the 2020s.

In spite of all this, we still believe that the future of digital society is bright. To this end, GLOCOM is developing a project covering the past and future 30 years, with the aim of making the year starting in July 2021, the 30th anniversary of the founding of GLOCOM, a turning point that will transcend the fragmentation and stagnation of the digital society and open up a prosperous new era. The projects will cover the past and future 30 years.

The goal of each project is to learn from the successes and twists and turns of the past 30 years, and to gain knowledge that will be the key to designing and creating the future 30 years. All the activities will be spread through various SNS and media with the hashtag #GLOCOM30th.

We sincerely look forward to your support and participation.

July 9, 2021
Center for Global Communications, International University of Japan

Press Release(Japanese)

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