Reweaving the Economy :How IT Affects the Borders of Countries and Organizations

Soichiro Takagi

Publisher: Springer, Singapore

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Pub date: 2017-02-28

ISBN: 9784130470698

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Part I. Introduction
1. The Dynamism of Information Technology and Organization
2. Information Technology and Economic Research
Part II. Information Technology and International Production Sharing
3. Information Technology and the Organizational Structure of Modern Business Outsourcing
4. Foreign Direct Investment in the Service Sector
Part III. Information Technology and the Japanese Economy
5. Offshore Outsourcing of Information Services and Employment
6. Offshore Outsourcing of Information Services and Productivity
7. Macroeconomic Analysis of Cloud Computing based on the Organizational View
Part IV. Future Prospects and Conclusion
8. Mass Collaboration and Open Resources in the Information Age
9. Conclusion

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