Tatsuo Tanaka

Executive Research Fellow
Bachelor of Economics

■Research Area
Copyright, Personal Information, Content Industry, Platform Industry, Internet and Democracy

My research fields are seemingly disparate, but I am quantitatively investigating the impact of digitization on the economy and society. To make it easier to understand my background, let me summarize conclusions of my research. “As for Copyright? -> Loosen up, look at my latest paper, ‘The ultimate copyright system that I have thought up’ “, “Personal information? -> There is a good way to protect and use it at the same time, come and see me. “Entertainment industry? -> Giving contents away for free is a good way to make money”, “Platform industry? -> They are already big, so let’s think about everyone else’s needs”, “Internet and democracy? -> People say the Internet is dividing society, but don’t worry, the Internet will make society better! I have some good ideas.” Please feel free to contact me if you would like to hear more on the above. Have paper – will travel

Brief History

1988 Research Fellow, Policy Planning Forum
1991 – 1995 Research Fellow, GLOCOM, International University of Japan; Research Associate, International University of Japan
1995 – 1998 Visiting Scholar, Columbia University
1998 – 1999 Full-time Lecturer, Keio University, Faculty of Economics
1999 – 2018 Associate Professor (Faculty of Economics), Keio University
2018 – 2023 Professor (Faculty of Economics), Keio University
2023 – Professor, Yokohama College of Commerce(-Present)

Major Works

  • Tanaka, Tatsuo, 2020, “The Possibility of a Flat-rate Distribution Service for Manga: A Better countermeasure against Manga Piracy”, Information and Communication Policy Research, Vol.3, No.2 pp.25-48
  • Tanaka, Tatsuo, 2017, “The ultimate copyright system that I have thought up (Bokuno kangaeta saikyo no chosakuken seido)” in Nobuhiro Nakayama and Toshiya Kaneko (eds.), Toward a Flexible Copyright System, Shinzansha, Chapter 1, pp.21-79
  • Tanaka, Tatsuo and Hamaya, Satoshi, 2019, The Net Does Not Divide Society, KADOKAWA
  • Tanaka, Tatsuo and Yamaguchi, Shin-ichi, 2016, “A Study of Internet Scandals,” Keiso Shobo
  • Tanaka, Tatsuo and Yamaguchi, Shinichi, 2015, “Business Model of Social Games,” Keiso Shobo

Major Lectures

  • Report on the 42nd Spring Meeting of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
    “The Concept of a Centralized Management Organization for Personal Information Protection and Utilization: For Balancing the Protection and Utilization of Personal Information

Educational Background

The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Economics (Withdrawal with Completion of Course Requirements)
The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Department of Liberal Arts


Professor, Faculty of Economics, Keio University

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