Yukiko Osaka

Research Fellow
MA in Cultural and Human Information Studies

■Research Area
Digital Archives, Cultural Sociology, Cultural Resources Studies, Records Management, DX

My research focuses on the preservation and utilization of cultural resource information and public records in digital archives.

Since 2012, I have been working on the utilization of digital cultural resource information, including cultural resource surveys, digitization of cultural properties, database construction, and digital archive construction using open source software.
Digital archives in Japan were brought about by the rapid development of the Internet in the 1990s. Currently, a great deal of cultural resource information is available to the public through digital archives and platforms such as “Japan Search” have been developed to provide information in an integrated manner on a network by linking various digital archives in Japan.
It is important to note that organizations with different disciplines regarding material organization principles and data ownership and distribution participate in and influence each other in this cross-disciplinary practice. My research contributes to the sustainable availability and accessibility of digital cultural and intellectual information resources, focusing on social and cultural rather than technical issues surrounding digital archives.


MA in Cultural and Human Information Studies, Graduate School for Interdisciplinary Information Studies, University of Tokyo, 2011
BA in Sociology, College of Social Science, University of Tsukuba, 2008

Major Works

  • Yukiko Osaka, 2022, “Changes in the Landscape of Shinobazu Pond in Ueno: Boundary Space between Downtown and Uptown” Seien, vol.883, pp.36-38
  • Yukiko Osaka and Mengfei Pan, 2019, “Constructing the Database of the Modern Japanese Art World in Ueno Area” (with Mengfei Pan), Proceedings of the 24th Open Symposium “Humanities and Databases”, pp.41-48.
  • Yukiko Osaka, 2016, “Utilization of Resources Information about Local History in Museum Materials” The bulletin of Japan Art Documentation Society, vol.23, pp.18-32.
  • totop