Naho Kobayashi

Executive Research Fellow / Research Producer (Platform Research Group)

■Research Area
Organizational Creativity, Open Innovation, Communication, Digital Marketing

Since 2000, Naho has been in the field of customer communications, building corporate and service brands as planner and producer. She possesses broad expertise in terms of digital and physical media including advertising, web site, direct mail, and retail store development.

Her strength lies in the interpretation of big data (customer attributes, behavior, purchases, preferences, etc.) through close collaboration with data analysts and the application and implementation of scenario development, business rule design, and creative expression through the process of weaving together qualitative data (the voices of people involved in interviews, workshops, etc.).
She believes that we can apply the experiences we have gained in “creating a new view of the world, communicating it to others, and empathizing with them” not only to corporate marketing, but also to social design. She decided to make a fresh start and joined GLOCOM in April 2015.

Currently, she is thinking about the interaction between new technologies such as IoT and AI and the social economy, based on the simple question of “Do the experiences brought about by data and technology make people happy?”. While developing platform-based research activities involving stakeholders, such as data analysis in collaboration with analysts and interviews with experts and practitioners, she shares and discusses the results with people in industry, government, and academia through workshops.
She will continue to create opportunities for open innovation by connecting the diverse knowledge and experience of all stakeholders, and by supporting the business and public sectors.

Brief History

Since 2000, Naho has been involved in producing data-driven branding, communication, and creative strategy planning and development across digital and real media. Joined GLOCOM in April 2015.
Using the knowledge she has gained from working in a wide range of organizations, from venture companies and creative agencies to large corporations, she conducts research on creativity in individuals and organizations, and manages industry-academia collaboration projects for GLOCOM researchers.
She is also as the Secretary General of the GLOCOM Roppongi Conference, and involved in planning and producing various activities to guide and study common issues in society with industry, government, academia and the public.

Major Works

  • “#Chijo 122 Creativity – Individual and Organizational Creativity for Surviving in a Digital Society” GLOCOM (2019, Managing Editor)
  • “CHANGE_CREATIVITY Special Feature: Thinking about Creativity Transformation in Organizations” GLOCOM&ITOKI Corporation (2019, joint author)

Major Achievements

  • July 2020 – Temporary Member, Industrial Structure Council (Committee on industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment), Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
  • September 2017 – Executive Director, GLOCOM Roppongi Council

Educational Background

Bachelor of International Studies, MEIJI GAKUIN UNIVERSITY, Tokyo(2000)


2000 Contents Strategist, Netyear Group Corporation
2002 Web Producer, Digital Palette Inc.
2006 Account Planner, MRM WORLDWIDE
2007 Account Planner, Kaze to Ballad inc.(kazepro)
2010 Creative Producer, Fuji Xerox Corporation
2015 Senior Research Fellow, GLOCOM
2022 Executive Research Fellow, GLOCOM


Research Map

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