Information technologies and disaster management – benefits and issues


The paper presents brief examples of use of information technology in different disaster management stages such as disaster response, recovery, preparedness and risk reduction.We find discussions on the use of information technology in each stage are scattered. A holistic perspective on the use of information technology throughout all disaster management phases is missing. Information systems play essential roles in recording, exchanging, and processing information.

The combination of different roles enhances systemperformance. In so doing, we argue for the importance of having a comprehensive strategy of technology use throughout different disaster management stages, and the necessity of data standards for information sharing among different systems and stakeholders.

著者 Mihoko Sakurai, Yuko Murayama
掲載先 Progress in Disaster Science
リンク https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2590061719300122
出版社・発行元 Elsevier
ページ数 4ページ
掲載年月日 27 April 2019(Volume 2,2019)
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